Meet Jonathan Maue


Jonathan Maue wears many hats. Professionally he is a Search Engine Optimizer, Web Designer, Video Director, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Art Director, and a publicity-earning marketing specialist. The internet is his toolbox for building unique, refined websites and digital products.

Maue graduated high school from Traverse City Senior High (back when there was just one), and graduated with a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University.

At home Maue is a proud husband, father, son, artist, Lego builder, community activist and most recently, a soccer and a T-Ball coach.

Maue is a member of the Michigan Land Use Institute’s Benzie Advisory Board and a participant in the Millage campaign that spawned the Benzie Bus,┬áthe fastest growing bus system in Michigan. Maue is also a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfort, MI.